ensoco inc

ensoco inc a U.S. owned and operated service company was incorporated in 1982 to provide marine navigation positioning and processing services to the oil and gas exploration industry.

The primary focus of ensoco remains with developing specialized software and services, which provide for the determination, validation and correctness of coordinate reference information and the metadata it locates. 

The ensoco core strength is in applying geodetic knowledge with over thirty years of position data processing and consulting knowledge to complex data management.

ensoco service and product support;

·  Position problem solving

·  Legacy seismic position data processing; land, marine and OBC

·  Seismic position QC and data loading

·  In depth GIS services

·  Coordinate translation and transformation services

·  Advance well data auditing using satellite and aerial imagery

·  Proprietary well data audit

ensoco has proprietary and patented software which has been used to process, reprocess and analyze hundreds of seismic surveys; well locations and other coordinate information. Their proprietary software tools include NAVPRO processing. GEOUtils transformation and translation and our latest development Cminer coordinate data mining.

ensoco has supported industry recognition of positioning importance through involvement in the European Positioning and Survey Group's coordinate reference systems' data base initiatives; now part of the International Organization of Gas Producers (IOGP) and in the initiatives of The Association of Petroleum Surveying and Geomatics (APSG) developing geodesy and positioning education, geodetic guidelines, and best practice procedures. ensoco believe involvement in these efforts provides critical exposure and industry recognition in the spatial data initiatives in which they provide.