well location audit

Photo by Pgiam/iStock / Getty Images

Surface well locations contained in both the public domain and available through commercial services have errors. Those errors may include; permitted rather than well site positions, datum and other coordinate system problems, data entry problems, omission, incorrect survey and even well identity errors. The ensoco analysis in performing thousands of public, commercial and even proprietary well audits indicates surface location errors of greater than 100 feet in more than 50% of the wells reviewed.

ensoco has reviewed proprietary fields both domestically and internationally for multiple oil and gas company clients. They have working relationships with a number of companies supplying satellite and aerial imagery, current and legacy.

Currently ensoco is offering the following products covering counties in the Eagle Ford Shale Play as well as selected fields and other counties in Texas.

ensoco provides three well audit products; which supply the client "quality" assurance of individual well surface locations.